The ultimate in superb design, originality and contemporary style for your collection. To bring you this the THOMAS MERLO & PARTNER AG manufactures in Switzerland and imports from all over the world extraordinary items to enhance the aesthetic and creative quality of life at home, in the office and while travelling. All the articles Thomas Merlo offers are hallmarked by their functional design, ingenious flexibility and cosmopolitan charm. They form an eye-catching focus in every sophisticated environment and at all retail outlets that cater to a lifestyle-conscious and trend-driven clientele.


mt masking tape is one of the latest products where Thomas Merlo sees potential for an interesting, developing market. Apart from innovation and a large variety of applications, quality comes first. A crossover between tradition and modernism make mt masking tape a real zeitgeisty product.


When Thomas Merlo discovered mt masking tape a couple of years ago in Japan, he was instantly taken by its beauty and functionality. Testing this colourful decoration tape made of rice paper (washi) for some weeks, and showing it around within the company, he was fascinated how everybody was really enthusiastic about these cute little sticky tapes. The company decided very soon to take mt masking tape into their portfolio and to distribute it in Europe.


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