Eagle Products


For more than 125 years there have been Eagle Products: throws, cushions and other fashion and home accessories made of finest natural raw materials. Produced in Hof in Bavaria they go all over the world - and stay beautiful and loved for longer than one season.


It all started in 1893, when Eagle Products were still called Adler Fabrikate. From the beginning with the handloom, the experience, the fidelity to the location and the love for the textile heritage have remained.


Having their own production on site with experienced and motivated employees who have the necessary care and the required pace is essential in order to deliver the various products with pinpoint accuracy.


125 years of experience with natural raw materials: the luxurious yarns made from merino wool, cashmere hair or silk require a great deal of tact in purchasing and processing in order to fully develop their outstanding qualities.


Link to the homepage of Eagle Products: https://www.eagle-products.de/en/