Intuitive relaxation with the sound boxes from Relaxound


In 2013, Philipp Störring and Dennis Clasen started Relaxound GmbH in Hamburg. Their idea: to develop premium audio concepts for everyday medical use. The two are convinced that the targeted use of sounds helps patients to complete medical treatments in a more relaxed manner. With their creations, they want to harness the intuitive effects of audio. More ideas quickly come up and so the two invent a little box that chirps when you walk past it. What was initially intended exclusively for medical practices as a creative audio relaxation tool quickly becomes a public favorite: In addition to orders from the medical sector, there are more and more private orders. The chic little Twitter box takes people’s hearts by storm! It satisfies the growing need for relaxation in everyday life.


Today, the Relaxound GmbH product portfolio includes the Birdybox, the Lakesidebox and the Relaxscent incense sticks in addition to the Zwitscherbox.


Link to the homepage of Relaxound: